Saturday, February 18, 2012

12-5-2012 Monday - Shera's Science Camp

Shera was excited to go to her 6th Grade Science Camp this year, but a little nervous at the same time...

Luckily, she had her best friend, Faith, from her class to sit with and be her bunk mate!

A little unsure of leaving, Shera looked back at me so sweetly. She made it though! Shera is an official 6th grade camper!

Friday, February 17, 2012

12-4-2012 Sunday - Snickerdoodles

12-3-2012 Saturday - PepSquad Christmas Party!

Noel's cheer and song had their Christmas party at our house for the second year in a row. Her coach, Tara Collins, had it catered by an Italian restaurant. Such yummy food!

There were about 30 girls there. All of them were so nice, sweet, well-mannered and respectful. It was a pleasure to have them here. So good to see a great group of girls!

They played some fun games and had a gift exchange also. The first of four holiday parties this year checked off the list!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

12-2-11 Friday - Friday Night Lights!!!

MVHS vs SMHS Football Semi-Finals Playoff!

Josh & Holly!

Getting into the game!

Go Diablos!

Noel & Spencer!

Tossing the football around...
Unfortunately we lost 21-20...

Oh well, my puppy will always love me!

11-26-11 Saturday - A Christmas Carol & Goodbye to Drew

We love this show and always see it every holiday. This year it has even more meaning because Shera will be playing Scrooge in her school play!

At intermission we love to walk up to the giant Christmas Tree and drink our apple juice and have our cookies!

Our beautiful children!

My beautiful husband!

Already missing Drew as he goes back up to BYU for finals...

11-26-11 Saturday - Christmas Tree Tag!

It's our annual "Choosing the Christmas Tree" time...
And that means - Christmas Tree Tag!!!

Around and around they go, the owners are so cool and don't even mind it! Even when we knock them down! ( I think because we are so cute - or maybe cuz we buy 3 trees!)

See what I mean by cute though?

Got Sap?

This is the one!!!

This is the second one - we got it flocked!

Our new addition of funny wooden reindeer family! (Jeff couldn't stand them)

11-24-2011 Thursday - Thanksgiving Traditions...

Thanksgiving to me is all about
Traditions...Tradition: Shera Rides...

Tradition: Playing With Remote Control Cars & Trucks...

Tradition: Dad's Out There Helping Them...

Tradition: Football Games - Playing & Watching...

Tradition: Grams & Drago Come For The Feast...

Tradition: A Beautiful Formal Setting with See's Chocolate Foiled Turkeys...

Tradition - Luke & Shera's Turkey Legs...

Tradition: Overeating - Especially Drew...
Oh... Who Am I Kidding... All Of Us!!!

Tradition: Lots & Lots of Desserts...
Don't You Just LOVE Traditions???

11-22-11 Tuesday - An Owl At The River!

We found the home of this way cool Desert Owl right by the river. He lives in a pepper tree!

We walked around his tree and found a ton of Owl Pellets! Owls, like many other birds, eat their food whole. Since birds do not have teeth, they can't chew their food. So, they use their strong and sharp beaks to rip their prey apart and then swallow large chunks whole. The owl slowly digests its meal by separating the softer materials (meat) from the harder materials (bone). It then regurgitates the harder material along with the indigestible items such as feathers and fur in the form of a pellet. Then we can collect and dissect!

And to think we have our own owl at the river!
"Just like Harry Potter!" as Luke says...

11-17-11 Thursday - Opening Night of Breaking Dawn!

Yes, yes, my daughters were one of the many millions on Thursday waiting out in the cold until midnight to watch some Vampires and Werewolves get it on with each other! I'm sorry to say the truth - but there it is! Here is Holly, Shera, and Aubry in line (for hours)...

Yes, they had the shirts made for each one of these movies!
Shera and Aubry again!

Noel "Fanging It Up"!

There were several theaters full of guys and girls like this, but mostly girls!
Here is Aubry, Krista, Carissa, and Noel!

Our friend, Andrea, has gone with the girls every time!
Thank goodness!!! But she loves it too!!! Yay!!!

11-5-11 Saturday - Homecoming Dance!

Since Noel and Aubry couldn't date yet, they decided to go to the Homecoming Dance together. Their dad's got them corsages - isn't that sweet?

They took cute photos on the swing!

Darling shoes, flowers, nails and bracelets!

All set to go!

Aubry's dad took the girls to dinner and then to the dance and we picked them up - pretty fun for a non-date dance they said!

School Year Highlights!

School Year Highlights!
Drew's drama club went to NYC over the holidays!

Holly's Classical Voice Recital

Noel won Castille Elementary Student of the Year from the Kiwanis Club. She's here with Peter Vidmar - 2x Olympic Gold & 1x Olympic Silver Medal winner.

Church History Tour Easter Break

Church History Tour Easter Break
Palmyra - Joseph Smith's home where he grew up!

We went to Niagara Falls too!

The Angel Game!

The Angel Game!
We got on the big screen!